About the creator of this site



George Markov

1968 - 2010


This site was created by my brother George.

He was not only my brother but also my best friend. He always supported me to express myself and realize my dreams.

So, when in 2003 I asked him for advice in creating a Web site, he insisted on doing all this work himself. He had emigrated to the USA several years before, had studied computer science at Suffolk Country Community College and had just started working as a programmer for the same college.

I was sending him the raw materials for the pages and he made and published them as I wished - except that he deleted the reference to him as Webmaster. At first, he attached the pages to the college site. In 2005, he registered a separate site and paid all domain and hosting expenses. He said he was happy to do something for me and for everybody who would obtain useful information from the site.

My brother was a wonderful person, a loving husband, father and son, a loyal friend, a reliable colleague. He is missed very much.

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